We are an independent Inspection authority with the highest regard for SAFETY and COMPLIANCE through cooperation and teamwork.

Mission statement

South African institute for playpark safety pledges the organization and inspectors belonging with the organization to be absolutely focused on the safety of children and adults by means of inspecting, certifying, and keeping individuals and organizations compliant to safe conduct at their respective parks, temporary areas and fitness parks and Gymnasiums premises throughout Southern Africa.

The respective organizations together with

the landlords of the leased premises whether it be short term or long term shall be inspected by the South African Institute for playpark safety on a quarterly basis and be kept compliant to international standards of safety as well as the South African standard of practices including the law on safety and machinery and relevant practices prescribed by South African law and SABS standards relating to play parks and recreational areas.

 Only upon been found compliant to all aspects concerning safety, machinery, adequately qualified personnel and security of the paid play park, play park, playground, machinery and area for the use of entertainment and or amusement including areas for the use of fitness and machines or equipment for the use of fitness shall a certificate of compliance be issued by the South African institute for playpark safety.

Where an individual or organization falls short of safety standards as prescribed, the South African institute for playground safety will advise and guide the individual or organization to be compliant in all aspects concerning safety and set out as prescribed in the Safety and compliance manual of the South African institute for playpark safety.

The South African institute for playpark safety embraces all aspects of the law and standards pertaining to the safety of all individuals as well as organizations using playpark, enclosed playpark and park areas for entertainment, amusement or fitness and utilising consoles or machinery for that purpose.